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How does it work?

You order a 4 pack of Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) Cards online. The cards cost $20 for a set of 4 and will be mailed out to you. You can buy them for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
Each Card has a unique ID# on it. The person receiving the RAOK cards activates them at www.RAOKchallenge.com and selects a global issue with advertising / sponsor donations benefiting that cause.
The first person is then encouraged to do four Random Acts of Kindness and hand out the four cards to four different people.
We hope that every time you do a RAOK, you take a picture of the RAOK event/people and then write a short description about what happened on the web site. The person receiving the card is also encouraged to write a "Thank You" for receiving the Random Act of Kindness.
The person receiving the card then does another RAOK and passes the card along. Then every time the card goes from one person to the next, we ask that people take a picture, log on and do a short write up about what happened and to say "Thanks"!
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Watch it go!

Then just sit back and see how far your RAOK card travels and how many lives it will touch. The system even has a mapping feature allowing you to follow the RAOK card where ever it travels. You can elect to get emails as the card continues on its' journey around the country and possibly all over the world!

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This is the content for the back of your Card.

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Worlwide Causes

Select from 5 worldwide causes that you
would like to support. Sponsorships and Advertising proceeds from the program will help to educate others on global issues and support local charities.

We support 5 causes

Global Hunger - Human Trafficking - Climate Change - Cancer Research - Animal Welfare

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